Friday, 18 July 2014

This weeks English Flowers 18/19th July 2014

I love to use English flowers in my designs so thought I would do a quick post each week showing the English Flowers I have available. 


Stunning bright yellow sunflowers

Tall elegant Larkspur in a mix of pinks, purples and white. 

Striking Gladioli, many people think of them as a bit old fashioned, used on there own in a tall vase they look stunning. Ideal for a hallway or kitchen. Look at those striking colours. 

And finally the very first Dahlias of the season. These beauties have a slight pink centre. Again an underrated flower however I love these flowers. Not only do they look great in a jug on the kitchen table but they are ideal for weddings. 

Here are a few pictures to prove how versatile these flowers are! 

A retirement present for a lady in a bristol school. 

I used white dahlias in this stunning design that I delivered up to a fabulous wedding dress shop on Hill Road in Clevedon last week. 

And finally look at these stunners from last year! How can you not love them! 

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